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  • Free of charge design service to help you make the best use of the space you have. 

  • Hand-drawn designs to scale, helping your installer understand the positions of the products and how much space to leave around them. We hope to have 3D CAD software soon.

  • Itemised and competitive quotes based on products that should fit into your room(s), in a style you like.


Once we have a good feeling for the space you have, we can then advise you on brands and products.


We are fortunate to have
a good relationship with a number of different suppliers, which means we can source products to suit all budgets.

Head over to our to our 'Brands' tabs for a full list of the companies we proudly sell.


If you've already selected some of the products you'd like, we're happy to advise on their compatibility within your room.


Let us know what you fancy and we can either price the bits up whilst you wait or email you a quote. 


Please note, due to appointments and during busy periods you may have to leave your list with us and we will come back to you as soon as we are able to. 

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